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About Us


Inkjet D’next was established in 2003 as a printing company which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We want your print buying experience with us to be as easy as possible, stress free and a real pleasure – and it will be.

Our website has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind. We all know time is money and we will save you both time and money when ordering your print from us

Who We Are

Our Mission

Inkjet D’next endeavours to always rise to meet dealers’ needs while championing greener, more eco-conscious printing methods. we are guided by our four core values:

reliability in our actions
integrity in our pricing
sincerity in our communication
eco-consciousness in our thoughts and actions

Our Vision

Inkjet D’next delivers cost-effective print solutions for total satisfaction, while aspiring to reduce environmental imprints through eco-conscious methods.

Inkjet D’next’s vision is not only confined within Malaysia. whether it is for brochure printing, booklet printing, business card printing, our green printing service soars as high as your eye can see with print and distribution service in Asia.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Inkjet D’next is committed to provide online printing services to enhance customer satisfaction and prevention of environment pollution through:

comply with customer requirements on product
comply with all applicable legal and other requirements related to our environmental aspects
conservation of natural resource
provide green printing services to save our earth
continue r&d to provide more eco-friendly products to promote a safe environment

Quality Objective And Targets

To breakthrough the customary unattainable image and to coordinate with demands from the market, at the start of our business we have especially introduced Computer to Plate (CTP) and advanced high speed printing equipments, cooperated with self-researched paste up software, and we have successfully increased control over production costs, time and also printing quality.

Lastly, unitizing and popularizing the prices have made the printing industry no longer an unattainable industry.

Environmental Objective And Targets

to reduce electricity consumption by 10%
to ensure 100% compliance for scheduled waste disposal
to reduce plastic box consumption by 60%

How We Do

How It Works

Prepare your artwork and then upload it to our online solution website.

How To Order

You need to deposit funds into your account as your cash advance before order was placed.

Fast Delivery

Get fast, reliable, on-time delivery services. Your order will be ready within the promised time.

24/7 Support

Reach us by email any time! We will be in touch as soon as possible.